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Market segmentation involves dividing it into smaller, uniform population queueing system groups with similar characteristics among individuals in the same group. Segmentation must be performed according to the most interesting parameters from the point of view of the analysis that is intended to be performed. In other words, the same segmentation can be done in different ways, reducing or increasing its usefulness depending on the study in which it is intended to be used. Once the market segmentation is carried out, the segments to which the product being analyzed queue management system should be targeted should be chosen. This segment or cluster of segments constitutes the target audience.

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From the point of view of the size of the region as well as of the climate, the business will be implemented within the spanish territory, since on the one hand it has many urban centers sufficiently dense50, 000 inhabitants to provide a level of demand adequate, and on the other hand, its climate, one of the highest number of hours of annual sunshine in europe, make this location a privileged region for any hotel business. Due to the nature of the product, basically based on its health attributes, the age range of the target audience is approximately 25 years old and with no upper bound. While it is true that many people below that age are increasingly concerned about their food, their consumption habits during leisure hours do not usually respond to this concern, with home being the place where they take care of this aspect more. Since one of the claims is the price, it is obvious that this will always be higher than the same product made at home, and even that of other less healthy products from different fast food chains. With this, the income level of the target public should be medium, and may expect a weak response from the collective of people with very low wages or unemployed.

The profession of the potential client is indifferent. However, since the first opening will take place in a central area, it must be taken into account that a significant number of customers will respond to the profile of administration, management, business, and so on. It is hoped that at a higher educational level, greater concern for health, including of course food. In fact, by the end of the last century, unesco already had a close relationship between health and education1. In addition, in spain, where 100% of the population has queueing system access to the same health services, the highest death rates for people between the ages of 25 and 60 in 2011 correspond to people who perform household tasks or unskilled jobs source ine. Towards the middle of the 20th century, management systems, home automated, with tickets numbered, have seen the light of day and are deployed in some jurisdictions, services social or community welcome to the social security in France was among the first.

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Other parameters such as nationality, race, marital status, religion or culture are absolutely irrelevant to the business in question, and therefore, will not be analyzed. Once the segmentation has been developed, we can establish that the target audience is made up of people over 25 years old, with secondary or university studies, with employment and average or high salaries, healthy habits and with a tendency to consume in hotels, either as a result of the work activity, or by the habits in the moments of leisure. The wait in single file, linear, non-managed, to the reception with identification and custom receive after a waiting active, the types of systems that are usable are more varied than it seems. If one makes a little of history, it is certain that the waiting queue for a seller, a position, a case has always existed, that of the porters welcoming and guiding the customers get info have been employees for referrals to the various services offered, and coupons numbered are also be distributed to allow waiting calmly without tail.